LEGACY – CentOS7_Cacti-v1.1.20

LEGACY - CentOS7_Cacti-v1.1.20

[UPDATE 11-27-2018]

It is recommended that you run my new upgrade script which can automatically upgrade to new Cacti versions. With this new feature I will not be releasing new appliances as often. Check out the original post here for instructions.

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Check out the original post here for instructions.

11 thoughts on “LEGACY – CentOS7_Cacti-v1.1.20”

  1. There are a number of steps that would be required from increasing the virtual disks in ESX and steps in CentOS. I suggest you check the documentation for both of those.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your good works. i have try CentOS7_Cacti-v1.1.20 and working smoothly, but it’s ok with maximum 8GB disk space, after installation only 2.6G for free space. Could you help me how to increase the disk space.

  3. The new appliance for Cacti v1.x does not have all the old templates installed. I have not been able to find them again and didn’t save all the originals in a format I could import again.

  4. I downloaded OVA “CentOS7_Cacti-v1.1.20” and after installation and booting up. I noticed some suspicious acvtivity going on this VM. It is continuously making connections to IP addresses ‘’ and ‘’ on port 443.

    This seems to be google IPs but no service on them. This is fishy. Does anyone else noticed it.


  5. I changed back to localhost and it worked.

    Localhost will have issue when we use remote pollers ( data collectors ) .

    Do you have any cisco router uptime templates ? Thank you,

  6. There is no reason to change the localhost in the cacti config. In fact that is likely the cause of the issue you are having. Change it back to localhost and you should be OK.

  7. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for your reply.

    instead of localhost , i binded IP to this was in cacti/include/config.php. I configured static IP as above i can ping other devices in same subnet from new static IP.

    Still can’t get cacti install page , some time it appears then says unable to connect cacti DB. i can past screen shot next time.

  8. Hi Kevin,

    I have downloaded your image and installed exsi6.0
    I have assigned mannaully IP ( and its pinging.
    Edited – config.php to suit
    However the home page intermittently works and i got as
    error connecting cacti.db and sometime no console page.

    So far unable to proceed past home page. Please suggest.

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