Blogging about blogging

So here is my first real blog post….

I have found blogging to be a very interesting animal.  It has taken quite some time to figure out how to blog.  There is a great deal more that goes into a worthwhile blog that I originally thought.  I suppose that is true of anything that is usually taken for granted.

I have been learning about blogging and what goes into it due to my wife.  Over the last many months we have been changing what we eat, and why.  We have been really increasing our awareness of where our food comes from and how it got to us.  As we learn more and our kitchen evolves we have started to tell other people what we have discovered.  One day as I was surfing it occurred to me that we could start a blog.  We have both read blogs over the years, but it never occurred to us to actually start one and write about what we have been learning.  Kim has been putting together her ideas for content and has started writing, and I have been busy setting up the site and structures from the techie side.  We are aiming to have the new site loaded with some initial content and available around the beginning of May.

So that is where it began, and how I came to start this blog.  In future posts I will talk  about how and why I have set things up the way I have.  I have found it to be pretty interesting and I have learned a lot about things I didn’t realize were issues/options.

UPDATE: I realized that I didn’t include the link to the new blog.  Once it goes live and has some content I’ll post the link.

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