WordPress 3 Upgrade

I’ve been struggling with getting the new version of WordPress to auto-install.  I have been getting a stalled upgrade with no error or feedback.  The process would just fail at ‘Unpacking Files’ and nothing else would happen.

After a bit of searching I found a tip that finally worked.  It seems to be due to php4 and php5 being enabled at the same time like my hosting company 1and1.com has.  After updating the .htaccess file at the root of my WordPress installation with the following code the upgrade worked seamlessly!


# Ensure PHP5 being used
# For WordPress auto upgrade
AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

To your .htaccess file and you’ll be in business!

UPDATE: 8-3-2010 1:40pm

Either the upgrade to v3, or my hosting company (I suspect the hosting company)_ wiped out my .htaccess file.  This prevented me from upgrading to v3.0.1.  Once the settings were *back* in place I was able to upgrade as expected.

BackupExec 2010 AVVI

I’ve been working with Symantec’s new VMWare agent for Backup Exec 2010 for the past couple of months.  We were excited to have differential backup of VMDK files through vSphere when they announced the new version of the software.  In practice however this is a bit more involved than we bargained for.

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Downgrade iPhone 3G(S) from iOS 4.0, back to iPhone OS 3.1.x

I recently upgraded my iPhone 3g to the new iOS version 4.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with the limited features that are available on the 3g handset, and found the new OS to be slow enough to drive me nuts.

I resolved to go back to the old OS and get my speed back.  (There wasn’t anything I would miss anyway on my old phone)  It turns out it was harder to downgrade that I had thought.  I spun my wheels for a while and ended up asking my buddy Ian for ideas about it.  He pointed me to this blog entry which ended up being exactly the trick I needed.  Now I’m back on the prior OS and working as expected again.   Thanks for the tip Ian!

Downgrade from iPhone OS 4.0 Beta, Back to iPhone OS 3.1.3 | Mac|Life.