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Downgrade iPhone 3G(S) from iOS 4.0, back to iPhone OS 3.1.x

I recently upgraded my iPhone 3g to the new iOS version 4.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with the limited features that are available on the 3g handset, and found the new OS to be slow enough to drive me nuts.

I resolved to go back to the old OS and get my speed back.  (There wasn’t anything I would miss anyway on my old phone)  It turns out it was harder to downgrade that I had thought.  I spun my wheels for a while and ended up asking my buddy Ian for ideas about it.  He pointed me to this blog entry which ended up being exactly the trick I needed.  Now I’m back on the prior OS and working as expected again.   Thanks for the tip Ian!

Downgrade from iPhone OS 4.0 Beta, Back to iPhone OS 3.1.3 | Mac|Life.