vSphere Enterprise Plus

So today, after our little surprise with Virtual SMP or vSMP in vSphere Enterprise, we put in our PO to purchase vSphere Enterprise Plus edition.  Not exactly an inexpensive upgrade when you consider we have 14 processor licenses for ESX.

Then to add a little cream on top the Service and Support piece is a little odd.  VMWare likes to prorate the support you already have.  It seems they use some mystery multiplier that is less than 1 to determine how far the support you have left goes.  We just renewed our support in february, and had to buy another two months worth to get us back to not having to renew earlier next year.  I suppose this isn’t too surprising as the new edition of the product has a higher price tag and therefore the S&S will be higher.

I am indeed looking forward to the Host Profiles as well as the Virtual Distributed Switches.  This will really help us simplify our configuration and really make it easy to switch out ESX hardware when the time comes.  The vSMP will also be nice so that we can have up to the max of 8 processors on any one Guest OS.

All in all a good upgrade, it was just a surprise that we ended up having to go to it.

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