Tracking outbound clicks

Today I was looking at my Google Analytics statistics and found it interesting how people come to find my site.  The referral links from other sites are a decent traffic generator.  This got me wondering about how many people follow links on my pages out into the wild.

Naturally I started by searching the WordPress plug-in directory for something that sets this up for me.  I found many alternatives, but a few caught my eye right off.  Some plug-ins can track the outbound clicks via the Google Analytics infrastructure already in place.

There were a few that will just start tracking assuming you already have the GA code in place, there were even a few that will install all the GA code for you.  All you need in that case is to input your tracking number in the plug-in config and hit save!  Some will even track clicks on dynamic banners like AdSense.

These are all well and good, but there doesn’t seem to be a plug-in that is updated to work with Google’s new Asynchronous code which I’m using.  The Asynchronous code from Google allows for faster page loading which is more and more important for page rank.  I even found a post in the forum for one of the more popular plug-ins from other users asking for the feature.  Sadly that was 5 months ago and there still hasn’t been an update.

I’ll cross my fingers and hold my breath I guess.

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