Registry Hive Recovered?!

We’re experiencing a weird pop-up message on our BackupExec 2010 server.  Every morning (after backups have run) we get a string of errors from Windows indicating that there was an error with the Registry Hive.  The error reads like this:

“Registry hive (file:) C:\WINDOWS\vmware-SYSTEM\vixmntapiXX was corrupted and it has been recovered.  Some data might have been lost.”

This error message is there every morning, and there will be anywhere from 10-20 of them that we have to click through. The only thing that changes is the XX is a number that increments.  As near as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the system and there are no symptoms of trouble other than the messages.

Going off the error message itself, and the fact that BE was running without this error until I turned on VMWare backups, I suspect that this is an error with the Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure (AVVI) otherwise know as the VMWare Agent.  I’ve tried some Googling and haven’t come up with much relating to this error specifically.  At this point its really just an annoyance as we have not see anything that would indicate an issue.  I’m just crossing my fingers that restores of data from AVVI will actually work!

We’re doing our Disaster Recovery Test this Friday so we’ll know pretty quick if these VMWare backups will work or not!  I guess we’ll find out.

2 thoughts on “Registry Hive Recovered?!”

  1. Sadly we never researched it, and are just ignoring it. We are actually working to get away from the Backup Exec AVVI and are moving toward VMWare’s Virtual Data Recovery tool. (VDR)

  2. Kevin

    I have recently started seeing the same message on by own Backup Exec 2010 R2 server and wondered if this was something you investigated further or just ignored.



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