BE 2010 AVVI and Exchange agents

This may seem obvious to everyone else out there, but it wasn’t to me.  I am testing a new Exchange 2010 server running in VMWare and am experimenting with backups.  I have the whole server backed up using BE AVVI, but wanted the granular restore of mailboxes and messages, so I was also running a job where I selected just the Exchange database. When I went in to do a test restore the Microsoft Information Store showed up in the list with two distinct entries.  The properties looked slightly different but the data was the same.


It took me a little time to realize that I was duplicating my Exchange data by having those two backups (duh!), so I turned off my specific Exchange job and just left it with the AVVI job only.  What I didn’t realize was that just having the AVVI job would allow me the granular restores of messages from Exchange.

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  1. My selection list is the whole server under the ‘VMWare vCenter and ESX Servers’ section in the window. I do not have the information store selected indivicually. Essentially its just the VMDKs.
    Then under the properties for VMWare in the job window I have selected the use GRT checkbox.

  2. Very Interesting. Ive been looking at a similar issue. So to clarify what does your settings look like for your selection list?
    If using just the AVVI agent smarts Im assuming you have GRT enabled for Exchange under the Vmware setting?
    Also do you still have the information stores themselves selected by expanding the exchange server? is that still necessary or does the AVVI portion just work that bit out?

  3. Exactly the information I was looking for. I’ve now disabled the redundant backup job which should save me 6 hours on the backup window.
    Thanks a lot for posting this information 🙂

    Best regards,

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