Cacti Network Grapher Virtual Appliance

cactiThis virtual appliance is based on CentOS 7 and is designed to be lightweight, and stable. It has only a minimum of tools installed to make Cacti work.

The OS is set to DHCP, and Cacti is installed.

The username at the console, and passwords set for everything should be ‘cacti’ this will include root and mysql. **With the exception of the Cacti web ui “admin” user, which has the password “Cactipw1!” (no quotes)

The web UI username and password are “admin” and “Cactipw1!” (no quotes)

Cacti is all configured up and includes some plugins, which are not installed by default. It also has some additional host templates for Palo Alto firewalls, Cisco ASA Firewalls, F5 BIG-IP load balancers, and a few other things I have found useful over the years.

There is not a ton of documentation, as I simply have not had time.  If you are already familiar with Cacti it should be a breeze.  If there are any questions, please use GitHub Issues, and I can assist and update as needed.

[Update 10/30/2020]

  • Upgraded to new Cacti and Spine v1.2.14 released 8/02/2020
  • Updated all plugins
  • Upgraded PHP to v7.3
  • Upgraded MariaDB to v10.5
  • Various other fixes and tweaks

CentOS7 Appliance with v1.2.14 Cacti, OVA is ~2.6g

[Update 12/10/2019]

  • Upgraded to new Cacti and Spine v1.2.8 released 12/08/2019
  • Updated all plugins
  • Various other fixes and tweaks

LEGACY – CentOS7 Appliance with v1.2.8 Cacti, OVA is ~2.4g

[Update 7/17/2019]

  • Upgraded to new Cacti and Spine v1.2.5 released 7/15/2019
  • Updated all plugins
  • Various other fixes and tweaks
  • Now can upgrade the virtual disk in VMWare

LEGACY – CentOS7 Appliance with v1.2.5 Cacti, OVA is ~2.3g

[Update 1/23/2019]

  • Upgraded to new Cacti and Spine v1.2.1 released 1/20/2019
  • Updated all plugins
  • Various other fixes and tweaks
  • ./ now installed by default at root of cacti user directory

LEGACY – CentOS7 Appliance with v1.2.1 Cacti, OVA is ~2.3g

[Update 1/4/2019]

New Cacti v1.2.0 is released! TONS of new features and fixes. You can run my update script to automatically update the template. this will also offer to update the Smokeping to newly released v2.7.3 as well. There is also a new prompt to disable the Smokeping service if you do not use Smokeping.

 [Update 12/4/2018]

It turns out there has been some development in Smokeping after almost 4 years of quiet! New v2.7.2 is available, so I created a new Smokeping update routine and added it to the script. This will check if you have Smokeping installed, and offer to upgrade if you wish. This can be run via the same routine as the Cacti upgrade from Github below.

[Update 11/28/2018]

I have a first working version of an automated update routine for the cacti-template you can get here. You can get the instructions on how to run it here…

[Update 11/16/2018]

Hello anyone who is listening! the Cacti team is working on the new v1.2 of Cacti which is now in it’s 2nd beta release. I am working on updating the template along with this and there are a lot of changes! I’m also building an upgrade script that can be used to upgrade the appliance with little effort. (Sorry, for now it will only work on the new v1.2.x appliance) More to follow as things progress.

[Update 4/2/2018]

  • Upgraded to new Cacti and Spine v1.1.37 released 3/25/2018
  • Updated all plugins

LEGACY – CentOS7 Appliance with v1.1.37 Cacti, OVA is ~2.2g

275 thoughts on “Cacti Network Grapher Virtual Appliance”

  1. New virtual appliance template uploaded today. This moves the baseline to be AlmaLinux instead of CentOS7 as that is due to be end of support in 2024. All scripts tested and working.

  2. The Cacti Group released v1.2.20 earlier this week. I had to do a bit of updating to the script which I pushed out yesterday. There is a new requirement that PHP be at least 7.2 now, but the PHP upgrade within the script takes care of it no problem.

  3. New Cacti v1.2.7 released yesterday by The Cacti Group. The upgrade script has been updated to match in GitHub. This will likely be the last 1.2.x release before v1.3! Give it a try!

  4. Kevin, thank-you for answer.
    Is there the possibility to upgrade without to use the script, like in past by send command step by step?
    I think somethng doesn’t works fine but it is not simple to discover.

  5. No on-screen instructions appears…
    I login normally and nothing is different to usually login.

  6. The only step I do is:
    go to Utilities > System Utilities and select ‘Rebuild Poller Cache
    Are there other steps to complete?

  7. Did you run through the post installation steps after logging into the web UI? The login screen will show the original version until that has been completed.

  8. I try to upgrade from 1,1,38 to v1.2.2, it seems to end fine, at the end I reboot Cacti but when it restart it the version is still 1.1.38.

  9. Hi,

    I just downloaded the latest virtual appliance 1/23/2019. When i login the console with cacti and Cactipw1! I get login incorrect.

  10. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks a lot for your work. Really helpful. Amazing.
    I have one problem tho.

    I have to change cacti time zone to my country, i follow these step on the comment section said:

    Kevin Bouchard
    DECEMBER 30, 2018 AT 2:29 PM
    1. Determine the timezone available by running “ls /usr/share/zoneinfo/” and navigating the folder structure. In my case I used America/Winnipeg.
    2. Edit /var/www/html/cacti/graph_image.php and add “putenv(‘TZ=America/Winnipeg’);” after the first uncommented line.
    3. run command “timedatectl set-timezone America/Winnipeg”
    4. Edit /etc/php.ini line that has timezone information to “date.timezone = America/Winnipeg”
    5. run date to make sure time appears correctly there, if not check your host date/time
    6. Reboot.

    The problem is, after i done this steps, i got
    “Failed to open data file, poller may not have run yet:
    (RRA Folder:4)”

    This happened on your latest .ova v1.2.1 and also happened when upgrading from version before by using upgrade script from your github.
    But it work on .ova v1.1.37.

    Any idea why am i getting this error? where do i put my feet wrong? Please advice. Thanks.

  11. Hi,Kevin
    I’ve post my problems to the github of Gexport .
    When i receive the solution, i will give a copy.
    Thank you very much again!!

  12. Hi,Kevin
    I installed 1.2.1 OVA.
    When i wanted to install plugins, I found plugin of Gexport shows “Plugin directory is not correct. Should be ‘export’ but is ‘gexport’.”
    I try to copy directory of gexport to a new directory of export.
    But still i can’t install plugin of Gexport.
    Would you give me some advises to resolve it, thanks!

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